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The voice broadcasting industry has seen an astounding growth surge in the past few years. For many people it is the acknowledgment to hopes brought on by the downsizing of the economy, the high prices in the economy forcing two incomes and the need for parents to control their schedule while having a parent at home with the kids. The back to basics force is doing great things for voice broadcasting.

But some people are uncomfortable of voice broadcasting. It has taken on a stigma in some instances with companies going out of business; tales of huge earnings to be made in little or no time; inflated stories of large response rate that will provide you great customer base while working little to no hours. But these stories are getting fewer and farther between as people realize that they don’t need to pollute the minds of their potential new business people.

Voice broadcasting is an industry where you can truly make yourself or not. Given the right product or service and good methods of marketing yourself, voice broadcasting is an awesome avenue to check out if you are in looking for your next venture.

Why choose voice broadcasting? For one, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Here are a few of my reasons to choose voice broadcasting over another type of advertising.

  • Companies policies are already set
  • Advertising is markedly cheap as oppose to traditional advertising
  • Machinery, greetings and leads can be provided by the company
  • Campaigns are set to start and stop at your convenience
  • Inexpensive website to get you going and run your campaign
  • Some companies provide free tutorial
  • Reputable and established companies that are leaders in the industry
  • Inexpensive leads
  • Voice broadcasting companies provide customer support to assist you in launching your campaign
  • Keep the benefits of owning your own business
  • Leads are filtered so that you only talk to those that are interested
  • Ability to grow your team and earn money for your efforts as well
  • Some books are now created that exclusively caters to voice broadcasting
  • Greetings can be made free or purchase at a very affordable price to have a better response rate

So how do you find the right voice broadcasting company that fits into your life and interest level? Research!! It is the only way. Read and don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. Check their policies and procedures and make sure you can live with them. Look for established companies with proven track records. Know your dreams and desires. Look for a company that fits into your lifestyle. If you have a bad back, you probably would not be happy lugging big displays around, but if you love to cook, doing a business that involves food and the kitchen would be a good fit.

Finding the perfect voice broadcasting company for you is right around the corner. You will enjoy the flexibility it brings and the fun it involves. Meeting awesome people is also a huge plus.

Do your research and enjoy your new life! You will surprise yourself at how good you can be running your own business and your family will love having you around more as well!

Doug Embers is an award-winning voice broadcasting writer and founder of www.xmvoice.com. With numerous direct marketing awards, he has been honored more than any other individual or voice broadcasting organization. He can be reached at dembers@xmvoice.com.


When advertising your business through voice broadcasting, your goal is usually simple: Make money. However, how to accomplish this can be hard to understand, especially with the special requirement that you have a basic background with computers and other tools needed to activate your voice blast.

There are several voice broadcasting companies to choose from, that whatever suits your interest, it can be provided by one of the established or budding companies out there. The choice of which company is right for you is just like dan be daunting at times.

Research, scount for all the available companies out there. Make a list of your personal requirements and read as much as you can about your chosen company to make an informed decision.

Ask for additional information that may help you know more about the company and talk to their representatives.

If you simply choose a company without first researching the company and the services they provide, you could end up disappointed and unable to move forward with your campaigns.

Before you make your decision as to which voice broadcasting company is right for you, ask yourself a few key questions:

What is your honest opinion of the services it offers?

They should be services that are beneficial to you now and and that you can use in the future. In other words, they must stand the test of time.

The price range of the packages is also important. You need to make sure the package you purchase is affordable enough to maintain on a regular basis. Will you or your company be willing to put down their money for what they are? Would you?

XMVoice provides lowest priced web-based voice broadcasting services and voice broadcasting solutions for all types of businesses. Services include voice broadcasting, voice blasting, voice mail broadcasting, voice messaging, auto dialing, and more!

Continued from Voice Broadcasting Rules – Part 1

How do you ensure that you are working off a ‘clean list’? In other words, that you have accurate data and that you are not constantly being told that “Mr Smith no longer works here’.

It is quite common for voice broadcasting leads to begin by dialing an entire list, to check that the contact information is correct. This stage can be delegated to, say, homeworkers or students on an a short term contract.

As you can therefore see – the whole thing is a process from research, through acquisition, customer service and business development. And throughout – you should be updating your database with all of this mission critical information.

The Offer

Are you making an offer on the phone? For example, to send information; enter a prize draw; make an appointment; see a demonstration; respond early to a promotion and receive a discount; or come to an event?

Your results will be much better if you make a specific offer. Just asking whether they are currently ‘in the market’, or whether they have heard of you, is not nearly so powerful.

Test, Test, Test

Part of the fun of marketing is coming up with lots of ideas. You’ve got to come up with lots of ideas before you hit on one or two great ones. How do you figure out which ones are awesome? Test them out!

So, for example, if you’ve thought of several offers – test several out on different sub-sets of your database. Then ramp up the one which produced the best test result.

Should you write a script?

The simple answer is that, yes, you should. This will be a very useful tool to start the conversation going. In addition – scripts are something that you can test and change. It is staggering how a few minor changes to a script can double or treble response rates. But if you and your colleagues are all saying different things each time you call – how can you measure what is effective and what isn’t?

I am not suggesting that you should read the script every time you make a call. Once you’ve used the script a few times – it will be like the lines that actors learn. You will have memorised it – and you will be able to repeat it without actually reading it.

The critical opening 30 seconds

In voice broadcasting, the research shows that you only have a few fleeting seconds to grab someone’s attention after they press 1, before they ‘switch off’. They then immediately kick into defensive mode. Then all they want to do is hang up.

So you have next to no time to say something interesting and attention grabbing. I have seen countless salespeople and so-called voice broadcasters waste this ‘Golden Time’. Here is the key: establish that you have experience of helping other people with their job title, in their industry with a series of issues which they are probably facing right now.


The more calls you make, the more relationships you will strike up. In combination with the rest of the marketing mix – you will soon find that there are plenty of ‘warm transfers’ to make and that the number of people you reach will increase.

An effective voice broadcasting can work wonders. If you are selling to other businesses or need a constant stream of sales leads then read this article.

Selling through the telephone is hard work, isn’t it? If you have just agreed with this statement – I guess that you have had a go at voice broadcasting. Thousands of salespeople have ‘earned their stripes’ by selling on the phone. This happened to me when I tried selling consumer products, in the City of Los Angeles (I lasted for a whole five days).

Five times the response of direct mail.

Voice broadcasting is inexpensive – on a cost per contact basis. However, money is a relative commodity, isn’t it? Yes, voice broadcasting is inexpensive – when you compare it to, say, direct mail. However, it is also extraordinarily effective.

This is because it is a live medium, where objections can be dealt with, appointments made and decisions reached – just as in a face to face selling situation. BUT without the time involved in travelling, not to mention the training and experience which is required to become an effective salesperson.

Which perhaps explains why it can typically generate five times the sales / results produced by a direct mail shot. Interesting, isn’t it?

Here, then, are some of the major rules of voice broadcasting:


As always in marketing – decide what your purpose are. Do you want people to request further information? Are you trying to organize sales meetings? Or can you actually take orders over the phone?


Always set goals for the number of broadcasts, and / or the number of Decision Maker conversations, or the number of ‘successes’ (appointments, direct sales, etc) which you will achieve for each session. It is amazing what people will achieve, if you set them a target.

Database, Database, Database

Have you heard the old one about houses? (Question: What are the three most important things to take into consideration when you are buying a house? Answer: Location; Location; and Location). It’s the same with voice broadcasting. The three key things are your Database, your Database and (yes, you’ve guessed it), your Database.

>>More Voice Broacasting Rules in Part – 2

Doug Embers is an award-winning voice broadcasting writer and founder of www.xmvoice.com. With numerous direct marketing awards, he has been honored more than any other individual or voice broadcasting organization. He can be reached at dembers@xmvoice.com.

Ever get frustrated why customers never call you back? Then it’s time to take a good hard look at what you have – or lack thereof – that’s creating these results for you.

Voicemail is a fact of life today. Whether you like it or not is not relevant. And believe me, getting through to decision makers is only going to get worse. So if your income potential depends on getting in to talk to these people, you better learn how to use it to your advantage.

Let’s take a look at the main formula most voice broadcasters use in their voicemail greetings:

Hello, Mr/Ms __. This is __ calling.

I’m an account executive with __ company.

We make/do __.

Our product/service is leading edge, high quality and __.

I’d like to get together to learn more about how you do __.

And tell you about how our __ can help your business.

Please call me at __ to set up a time.

Now you ask what’s wrong? It’s boring, boring, boring. No one in their right mind would ever waste one second of their time to talk with a seller who said this.

Let me repeat myself. This approach will NOT work. I don’t care if that’s how you were trained. The world has changed. Even your own mother wouldn’t call you back today – and that’s pretty bad!

Most buyers from large companies are bombarded with more than 50 calls like this all day. Your message will be deleted before the second sentence is out of your mouth.

How to be Attract customers

Being alluring is about saying or asking something in a manner that truly excites a prospective decision maker’s interest or curiosity.

You have to put on your thinking cap too. There’s no way around it. Alluring voicemails don’t just flow out of your mouth when its time to leave a message. In fact, lack of planning is guaranteed to make you sound trite and cheesy – exactly like the kind of salesperson everyone detests.

…visit this blog again…we will start discussing the voice broadcasting strategies you can use….

In the meantime listen to some sample Voicemail Messages here!

You can also read some more voice broadcasting articles here Voice Broadcasting Blog.

Continuation from Uses of Voice Broadcasting Part-1

Other examples of Voice Broadcasting

Lead Generation

Acquiring new customers and lowering your customer acquisition cost is always a challenge. Voice Broadcasting provides a new alternative medium to communicate with the masses and acquire new customers economically. We help you by cutting through the clutter and communicating your message with thousands or millions of your prospects to enhance your customer base.

Direct mail: Lookout Calls and Fundraising

Compliment your direct mail offer, catalogue, or fundraising campaign and significantly increase your response rates, using voice broadcast “lookout call”. By using Voice Broadcasting to deliver a “lookout” message to recipients of your direct mail piece for example…

“Hello, I’m calling from _______
to ask you to look out for a blue envelop
with a rainbow on the front.
Please take a minute and learn
how we help kids throughout the city…”

A well designed message will increase the recipient’s interest in the mail piece, causing them out of curiosity to open it. By simply causing more of your marketing pieces to be opened, your response rates will increase because you used Voice Broadcasting to cut through the clutter.

Catalogue Sales

Improve sales by drawing attention to specials. Alert customers the catalogue will be in their box any day. Create anticipation for your goods. In one test case, Group A was sent a catalogue without a lookout call, and Group B received a lookout call as their catalogues arrived in the mail. Not only did group (B) have 90% more orders, the average order was twice the value of Group A.


Increase your customer share, not just your market share. Target your company’s leading customer base with information on product and service upgrades, added-value tips, and other offers specific to their needs. This creates customer loyalty and reduces the number of contacts required to keep a strong relationship.


Branding is the foundation of every great company, product, and service. Traditionally, it takes years to establish household branding, but with our innovative technology, branding is created in days. Voice Broadcasting gives you a new personalized branding tool by creating top of mind awareness. You can leave different messages on machines to target and focus the message to the customer.

Stand-alone Voice Broadcasting

Using Voice Broadcasting as a stand-alone medium is an excellent way to verbally communicate with customers, members or targeted groups of people. Voice Broadcasting gives you the power to deliver a targeted, personalized message and the flexibility to create and change your message in a fraction of the time needed for other means of communication.

Time Sensitive Information

Use Voice Broadcasting to alert your customers and prospects about special promotions, grand openings, and other time sensitive opportunities. Timing can be everything and Voice Broadcasting is your solution when delivering unique, time sensitive information to your customers.

Answering Machine Message

Imagine clicking a button and within minutes 200, 300, even 500 or more of your past clients, contacts or members of your network receive this “personal” call from you left on their voicemail or answering machine:

“Hi, it’s (you) with (your co.). Sorry I missed you.
I wanted to give you a quick call because right now
I’m working with clients who are interested
in purchasing a home in your neighbourhood.
Thought I’d touch base with you and see if you might be
interested in selling in the near future. If so,
I may be able to help you get a great sale price.
If you have an interest or if you know anybody else
in your neighbourhood who’s interested in selling
please call me at 1800 xxx xxx.
Have a great day!”

The bottom line is, voice broadcasting will make money for you and save you a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Doug Embers is an award-winning Voice Broadcasting writer and founder of www.xmvoice.com. With numerous direct marketing awards, he has been honored more than any other individual or voice broadcasting organization. He can be reached at dembers@xmvoice.com.

Voice Broadcasting is fast becoming a popular avenue for businesses to reach their customers.

The first place to start is to understand how it works…now I’m not going to teach you how to set-up the equipment, but rather give you an overview of Voice Broadcasting.

IMPORTANT HINT: While the technology has been used in the US for years, it is very important to use local professional voice talent. For example if you’re calling Australia use an Australian sounding voice, if you are calling England use a British sounding voice. I will talk more about this later in another email.

Now let us look at some amazing ways you can use Voice Broadcasting in your business.

Some of these cases are from the US…

Calling All Subscribers

Challenge: Subscribers to a major satellite data service company had to be contacted during an extended service outage with instructions for realignment of their satellite dish antennae.

Solution: The company sent a message to its customers using Voice broadcasting to provide an 1800 number for their clients to call for assistance. Most clients were able to reline their satellite dish and hard-to-reach customers were contacted later. Secondly the customer service calls were reduced and the amount of down time was kept to a minimum.

Poll Me

Challenge: A metropolitan GYM was considering building a new state-of-the-art facility in a part of the city that was experiencing rapid expansion. They wanted to do a demographic survey to determine the feasibility of their project and to find out which programs had potential.

Solution: Voice Broadcasting was the perfect solution. More than 30,000 households were polled to find out if they would use a GYM facility in their area and, if so, what programs and types of memberships would be of interest. Several questions were posed, and the person responding had only to press a “1” for yes or a “2” for no. After tabulating the results, the GYM did decide to build a new facility in the proposed area. A local newspaper article announced the decision and verified that it was as a result of this survey that such a promising project would be initiated. As an added benefit, the household names, addresses and phone numbers were in a database that the gym could access for later use during membership recruitment, program initiation, and event notification.

ISP – Instant Solution

Challenge: A major Internet service provider needed to notify 200,000 subscribers of a change to its ISP addresses. With only three days notice, the provider needed a quick solution that wouldn’t flood its customer service centre with calls.

Solution: Voice broadcast the news to ISP customers, along with instructions for changing their Internet access set-ups. The program was deployed that same day, with the broadcast completed in its entirety in just two days –avoiding tens of thousands of potential customer service problems. Subscribers appreciated the provider’s proactive responsiveness to the situation, and customer retention rates remained high.

…our discussion next will still be on the other Uses of Voice Broadcasting Part-2…

Doug Embers is an award-winning Voice Broadcasting writer and founder of www.xmvoice.com. With numerous direct marketing awards, he has been honored more than any other individual or voice broadcasting organization. He can be reached at dembers@xmvoice.com.